Some work and experiments I have done, for display.
  • This Website
    - Actually, this site began as an experiment setting up a website, and running a Django webserver!
    It additionally provided experience in production hosting, and security settings (eg TLS), and gave me a playground to try out some of these other experiments.
  • Weather Station
    - Building an IoT device to collect weather data through this site.
  • Chat Page
    - An example of using WebSockets, and a dynamic "Vue.js" display.
  • Data Analysis
    - Investigating where Woolworths could set up profitable new stores.
    Initially a data exploration written in R, and then converted into an analysis that could be run on demand.
  • Neural Style Transfer
    - Apply the style of an image/painting onto any other image.
    This was also an example of putting a pre-trained ML model into production.
  • Joogle Search Engine
    - A spoof/comedy of the Google Search engine I built for some friends getting married.
    It shows the usage of some dynamic html elements.
    It works best on desktop view, since the Google styling was frozen to generate my parody.
  • Code Examples
    - I am putting up some working and code examples on my github, predominantly focused on data analysis / ML.